Monday, February 22, 2010


Adibah Noor Entertainment supported by the Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur is proud to present a showcase of performances by renowned Malaysian artistes of various genres.

They are:
Zainal Abidin, with his Afro-Asian forte
Atilia, jazz songstress
Aizat, award-winning, young and very talented popular singer/songwriter
Amy Mastura, pop songstress
Adibah Noor, local entertainer

There will also be surprise performances by other Guest Artistes as they will be jamming with the main artistes throughout the evening.

Those who have confirmed their attendance are:
Bob, Betty Banafe, Nizam, Sabhi Saddi and the Dead Mushroom band

The above event will take place as follows:

Date: 9th & 10th April 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

We humbly seek your contributions in terms of tickets and table purchases to enable us to pay for all the costs incurred in the organisation of this concert.

Your contribution will also help us maximise our donations to the beneficiaries.

Below is a price list with sponsorship options.

9th April 2010 – Charity Concert

Theatre seating, no dinner, free seating RM50 per seat
Food and beverage will be sold outside the ballroom in case guests are hungry and thirsty.

10th April 2010 – Charity Gala Dinner Concert

Gala dinner concept, 4-5 course Western Dinner, each table seats 8pax for optimum view and comfort

3rd tier RM300 per seat or RM2,000 per table

2nd tier RM400 per seat or RM3,000 per table

1st tier RM500 per seat or RM4,000 per table

Silver sponsorship RM5,000 per table(10 tables allocated)

Gold sponsorship RM10,000 per table(5 tables allocated)

Platinum sponsor RM15,000 per table(2 tables allocated)

Sponsors will have their company names and logos mentioned and printed on all publicity events and materials.

The beneficiaries whom we have identified to benefit from this fund-raising event are those who are in the entertainment industry, journalism industry and the less fortunate in general.

They are:
Actor, M Rajoli
Singer, Zaiton Sameon
Wardrobe Assistant, Shahrom
Actress, Ida Nerina
Actress, Azean Irdawaty
Writer, Seri Bayu
Journalist, Karim Sulaiman
Veteran Singer/Songwriter, Tan Sri SM Salim
Veteran Actress, Neng Yatimah
Veteran Actor, S Shamsuddin
Veteran Comedian, Yahya Sulong
Tabung Bersamamu TV3

More will be identified with the cooperation from SENIMAN as we intend to bring this charity event for a road tour, visiting major cities like Pulau Pinang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Singapore.

Please email for reservations and enquiries.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and for helping us make the event successful in aid of our less fortunate peers and those others in need.

May Allah Bless You.

Sincerely yours,


  1. Aunty Dib,
    You (and Rajoo) are always in my heart too. Ehem...any chance of taking the show Down Under? purrr....meow!

  2. err..mintak pengurusan tukar waktu jadi pukul 8malam boleh x.??? nak solat maghrib gak... lagipun ni keje amal kan..insyaAllah i see u there !

  3. cat-in-sydney,
    kalau you sponsor, sure can meeeooowwww!

  4. jefri,
    waktu yang tertera itu untuk kehadiran dan pendaftaran.
    maklum ler, malaysian time. org takkan datang awal punya :D
    so you have ample time for maghrib.
    maghrib kat hotel, pas tu register.

  5. meooww...salam kak dib..Jue nih ( hehehe.. akhirnyer ter-hapdet jua blog kak dib nih..rindu ngan deebers punye program yg x sempat di-join..

    xde dh ker program cam deebers buat dulu kak?
    niwei, good luck to akak k...;)

  6. just loove wat u r doing...insyaallah diberkati..kalo wat kat jb bgtaw eh...~

  7. Salam Kak Dibah,

    kalau Kak Dibah buat kat Brunei...sure dpt sponsorship yg bagus2 punye hehe insyaAllah hehe...we all love you in Brunei :D

  8. seriously how is ida nerina doing ??

  9. kak dib...
    need to be updated on guest artiste - Wiwie Daunah will be performing with Fazo (on accoustic guitar) for the song "Berakhir Janji"...cya!

  10. and also Adzrin..dengan lagu baru "Pujaan Malaya"..yeah!

  11. Why do singers like KRU, M.Nasir, P.Ramlee and lately Aizat, Yuna and the surprise dynamite Zee Avi do well in the industry?

    They write their own songs!

  12. kak, i love the new 'harapan tanpa suara song'

    sayuuuuu~~~ :'(

  13. salam Adibah Noor i already bought Teman, and it sound better than Terlalu Istimewa, hope dont mind to drop comment on my review here

    and thnks for the beautiful music. very rare only u and azlan can did that!

  14. kak dibah.. jom singgah tgk craft sayunk..
    jgn lupe tgglkn jejak erh..

  15. luq...
    dont think it's happening tho

  16. atanjamilselamat...
    no wonder i tak sukses sgt.
    i only write lyrics :(

  17. asna...
    yeah.... but i shall reserve my thots :D

  18. hafizan..
    thanks so much for the review

  19. oh chin eng...
    err... cuba baca betul2.
    this show was last year in 2010. :P

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