Friday, July 24, 2009



I received the news as soon as it was announced that she was no longer with us and rushed to the hospital immediately.

Everyone grieved, cried and missed her.

There's nothing more to say.

She's gone.

But her magic lives on.


Scores of people from the media had called and asked if I could lend them my thoughts with regards to arwah.

I don't know why, but I often declined, unless it was absolutely necessary and if the request came from a media person who has always been supportive of arwah Yasmin... who has always been there for Yasmin.... who has loved Yasmin and understood what she was going through and what she had tried to do.

I will not do it if I instinctively know that the media person was merely taking advantage of the situation, in order to get higher ratings in their radio or TV programs or higher sales for their newspaper or print media.

It is because of papers like Kosmo! which had so efficiently instigated hatred and encouraged fitnah that I refrain myself from making too many a public comment.

Sorry, if I am very selective.

I think I should be.

Because Min deserves nothing less than my love and loyalty.

Forgive me if I do not share my personal feelings with the public.

It is only because I want to be selfish and keep Min to myself.

I am still grieving and I am still mourning.

A huge part of my being is hollow because the very person who taught me how to love has left us.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Watching the Michael Jackson Memorial Service on TV late last night, I couldn't help but feel how disrespectful and ignorant the west was when they gave him a ceremony that is alien to Islam.

But then again, I wandered too if Michael was really in the silver casket adorned with flowers that was put in front of the stage.

I wondered too if he had already been buried, silently, before this service.

At first I thought, wouldn't it be great if those who gathered in the Staples Centre are those who would recite the surah yassin and give him a proper tahlil.

At first I was angered by the fact that the whole organisation of the memorial service is denying his current faith which is Islam.

But as I watched the programme, I realised that people of all religions are fans of Michael Jackson.

This is their way of showing their last respects to the phenomenal icon.

It was the only way they knew how to bid their goodbyes to the king of pop.

Malice probably never crossed their minds and Michael had truly reached the people of the world beyond boundaries, religions, culture, decree, faith and way-of-life.

And what they did was beyond their own faith and beliefs.... they just wanted to say goodbye and give the king the memorial service he so deserved.

His death was the epitome of his humanitarian aspirations.

I was in Jakarta last few days... and the Muslim people of Indonesia conducted a tahlil for Mikaeel Jackson.

Perhaps, all Muslims should too.... at least generously recite the al-fatihah for him.