Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Watching the Michael Jackson Memorial Service on TV late last night, I couldn't help but feel how disrespectful and ignorant the west was when they gave him a ceremony that is alien to Islam.

But then again, I wandered too if Michael was really in the silver casket adorned with flowers that was put in front of the stage.

I wondered too if he had already been buried, silently, before this service.

At first I thought, wouldn't it be great if those who gathered in the Staples Centre are those who would recite the surah yassin and give him a proper tahlil.

At first I was angered by the fact that the whole organisation of the memorial service is denying his current faith which is Islam.

But as I watched the programme, I realised that people of all religions are fans of Michael Jackson.

This is their way of showing their last respects to the phenomenal icon.

It was the only way they knew how to bid their goodbyes to the king of pop.

Malice probably never crossed their minds and Michael had truly reached the people of the world beyond boundaries, religions, culture, decree, faith and way-of-life.

And what they did was beyond their own faith and beliefs.... they just wanted to say goodbye and give the king the memorial service he so deserved.

His death was the epitome of his humanitarian aspirations.

I was in Jakarta last few days... and the Muslim people of Indonesia conducted a tahlil for Mikaeel Jackson.

Perhaps, all Muslims should too.... at least generously recite the al-fatihah for him.



  1. hi Kak Deeb - finally your updates!

    hope you're doing just fine :)

    by the way, the MJ's death was so sudden that it really struck us all worldwide, regardless of our religions & faith.

    his death is a great loss not just to music but also to the whole world - despite the fact that he's a wounded soul, being trapped his whole life - he just managed to touch us all, with his talents in music.

    he'll be missed greatly by all - i believe that we should, too, recite Yaasin or Al-Fatihah, if that's the least we could do for him.

    hope to hear from you again, sistah!

  2. It is typical. One is only remembered when one is no longer around. Absence makes the heart grows fonder.


  3. Hi Adibah,

    I am so happy that finally someone has rationally described the whole procession of MJ's memorial service as what I too would have interpreted it.

    Jermaine Jackson is also a Muslim. Surely he won't leave his brother be buried in a different faith. In regardless of what the living are doing to his body, only Allah knows best.

    For what I know, he will always be cherished in my heart. He inspired me since I was a child. My sister and I all were greatly saddened by his sudden demised. Growing up with his songs and inspired by all his song's lyrics. I wrote a project paper about him and even sang 'Heal The World' for one of my university group's presentation. That's how greatly he influenced my life.

    R.I.P and Al-Fatihah to Mikaeel Jackson.

  4. thank you all for your feedback.

  5. kak dibah... tak baca ke blog azwan lahanat tu.. dok kutuk org sana sini.. ade pasal kak dibah skali kot.. agaknye la...

  6. anonymous.... tak baik gelar orang lahanat tau... kalau tak suka jangan bother jer... tak yah bagi gelaran k. ;)

  7. Hello kak Dibah, long time no see :) hope u're doing well! Regarding Azwan's blog ..all I can say is that I know that one day Allah 'will do the talking' for u in Allah's own way ya kak..take care and stay lovely n kind ! owh I miss the food that u used to bring to PCK shoot!hugs! :)

  8. gggggggggggggg bebeh ku gggggggg... ala miss you laaaaaaaaa.. muah muah muah muah muah!

  9. speaking of the silver casket.. it looks like those heat warmers that i've seen for buffet lines... LOLz... with all due respect, i'm not making fun of it but.. just a thought...

  10. eh, for real leh... it does look like it... no offense...