Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I woke up this morning with the shocking news of Ida Nerina's misfortune and with pain in my neck like a needle poking it.

I scheduled an appointment with my beautician (beautiful ke aku eheheh) to have a complete do. Facial, back rub, neck rub, shoulder rub... just to destress.

And as I was lying down on the table, I couldnt keep Ida off my thoughts.

She's not just a co-actor, she's also a friend.

It seems just yesterday we were laughing, working and having fun with TEN TEN TEN (a new comedy series by Tall Order Productions - Hans Isaac punya - now on ASTRO WARNA every Wednesday, 10pm).

May Allah heal her and grant her speedy recovery.

The pain that she must be going through is unimaginable.

My prayers are with her.



  1. akak pun semalam (22/06/09) tengok newspaper..terkejut..kita mesti ingst apa-apa kejadian pun adalah dengan kehendakNya..bersabarlah Ida, we all akan sentiasa mendoakan supaya Ida akan cepat sembuh..dan kembali aktif dengan gelagat bersahaja yang akak suka tengok..May Allah bless you always..

  2. I read about her predicaments yesterday and I just couldn't believe what I read...

    I read about it and my face was just, crooked [betul ke apa aku cakap neh?] with the utmost pain I could imagine - seriously, we can only imagine but to bear with it? OWWW...

    My heartfelt wishes & prayers for you Ida...

    May Allah grant you with speedy, full recovery!

  3. I read about it on Facebook yesterday. Kesian Ida! The pain she must be going thru is unimaginable. I pray for her speedy recovery.

  4. patik..selaku insan yg merupakan seorg pesaket tulang belakang yg agak tegar jgk lar (T-T)..memang xdapat nak ceritakan azabnyer...tp kita kene ingat..ini tanda Allah syg kita..may Allah bless her..huuhu

  5. Amin, to everyone's prayers.

  6. thank you all for your feedabck.

    when the incident happened a few weeks ago, i did send ida an sms asking her to be strong and patient.

    i finally got her reply a couple of days ago and she said she is recovering and that the papers have no idea whatsoever about the truth of her condition.

    so don't believe everything we read in the papers about her.

    praying for her speedy recovery.

  7. "I scheduled an appointment with my beautician (beautiful ke aku eheheh) to have..."

    U are TRULY BEAUTIFUL in your own special ways!