Saturday, August 1, 2009


Due to some bizarre astronomical collisions, the much loved orthopaedic surgeon above, in the picture, entered my dreams last night.


No, no, no.... not a triple X dream ok..... it was pretty decent actually... we just happen to meet, and chat, and.... fell in love...... well, at least, I did!.. hehehe

I was overwhelmed by infatuation the whole day... and I must say that I am still trying to relive the dream. ehhee.... it was just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.

And I couldnt help but recall the first time (oh God please don't let it be the only time) I met him.

The photo above was taken backstage during Anugerah Skrin TV3 last year, yes, the year I performed with Lah Ahmad, singing Ketulusan Hati, originally sung by Anuar Zain.

There I was, sitting on the staircase, backstage, massaging my palms as they were sweaty, as I was trying to calm the butterflies in my tummy.. alllll by myself, oblivious to my surroundings.

And suddenly.... jeng jeng jeng...

A voice came and said, "Hi Adibah, I just want to tell you how wonderful it is that you have done so much for yourself and succeeded in your own way. Congratulations!"

By the time I raised my gaze and met the eyes of the speaker, I was practically drooling!

Have you ever seen Musang Berjanggut by P Ramlee....? Remember that scene when Tun Nila Utama (P Ramlee) brought back his beautiful wife Puspawangi (Saadiah) to the palace and introduced her to the royal folks and datuks..? Remember the datuks' and the sultan's expression when they saw Puspawangi's face...?

THAT WAS HOW I REACTED when the incredibly gorgeous hunk of a doctor astronaut stood in front of me saying all these lovely, aphrodisiac (did I spell that correctly) words to me... ME! me?

Somewhere between trying to lift my jaw and wiping my drool, I managed a meek "thank you".

I was in AWE!

If you have met the guy, you will agree that he looks sooooooooooooooooooo much more incredibly gorgeous in person than in photos.

I know, you must be saying... elleh only in your dreams Adibah!

Well..... you're right.... it DID happen.... in my dreams....

Ahhhhhhh....... Mc Dreamy... INDEED!



  1. Let me share with you my ecounter with the wonderful doctor/astronaut/model/businessman/motivational speaker...(should I add tunang orang jugak??!!!). He would be the first to admit that he comes from a family of fierce competitors. Maklumlah, 5 masing-masing nak outdo each other tapi in a healthy kind of way lah. I used to go to a very prominent club in Seremban, SUNGEI UJONG CLUB, with my siblings. Our attention of course lah the swimming pool area. We always have a good time there playing in the water....that is until we see the Sheikh clan. Wanna know why.... Almost gerenti kena humiliated. You see, about 99% of the time, his father would pester us to go against his sons for a swimming lap competition and 100% we adik-beradik would lose!! Ada je yang salah strokes lah, kaki tak betul menendang lah, kepala tenggelam lah....Bila dikenang-kenang, kelakar jugak because us girls (no less!!) were sputtering for air and the boys were coolly waiting at the end of the pool for us. Anyway, I'd like to end this with the fact that both of us have seen each other in our respective swimsuits!!! Ha Ha Ha..... Don't worry....I was 8 and our then future Dato Dr SMS was mere 7 yrs old but its more interesting if the last detail is left out,don't you think??

  2. Hahaha! I know exactly how you feel. Indeed a beautiful feeling. This is quite a refreshing posting, I would say (:

  3. Earth calling Adibah, earth calling Adibah... come in please....

    Hehehe... you still floating in the air?

  4. time flies and we have move on with our life ,after yasmin pass away and now adibah noor is having happy and sweet dreams hehehe

  5. mama hulubalang.... it is most fortunate that you added the very last detail coz my mind was already flooded with erotic imaginations and visuals thinking of how he or they must have looked in their swimming trunks...

    not only that, my whole being was also overwhelmed by envy that you had the privilege...


    hahahahah thanks for sharing that mama! muah!

  6. liza... and grace... yes indeed it was one of the sweetest dreams ever... but it doesn't mean that i have stopped mourning for kak yasmin ;)

    the living has to continue living.. and the dream was Allah's way of rewarding me for my sorrows, i suppose... :D

  7. pi bani.... i can't keep him off my mind!... i'm pratically crazy right now as i've begun to imagine him everywhere in my sight....sometimes even talking to him like an imaginary friend... ayoyoyoyoyo!!!! how laaaarrrr!

    calling calling dr lurve! '


  8. hi sis - hope u r good n just fine, provided the fact that u r still floating in the fantasies, heheh...

    i felt the same after i met Imran Ajmain n managed to talk face to face with him after a concert in DBKL, around the end of 2008.

    my youngest sister [whose name is Adiba :) ] and I were so overwhelmed by his kindness and politeness that we were so, stiff in front of him but when we were in the car on the way back home we were so contented and smiling til our jaw hurts and were giggling and talking at the same time like crazy!

    i got to talk to azan ruffedge too and he was soooooo nice and cute - too bad he's taken, hehehe...

    good to know that u r happy now, despite the fact that someone has been talking craps about u somewhere - i was impressed with you comment towards the allegation when i read sunday papers yesterday - u go sistah!

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  10. kak dibah...dat's feeling was so loyal....either it was dream or reality..we deserve to have it...yang penting kebahagian diri sendiri,tercipta kerana kita nak bahagia n of cos,kita layak untuk bahagia....xde undang2 dunia...any clause yang menghadkan kebahagiaan seseorang selagi....ianya masih dalam kawalan n x langgar undang2 agama n dunia..apapun..i really support u n ur career..(sampai berangan gak nak g audition mentor...hehehe) tapi x main prob is..lack of confident n very low self esteem....huhuhuhu....tapi sy bangga lihat orang yang macam akak strive for the best! n firmly stand dalam apa jua bidang yang akak akan memiliki semangat dan kecekalan yang macam akak......

  11. Alah kak dib orang x pandai english ler......

  12. comey la akak dgn abg angkasawan 2... cute sgt2!!!

  13. naper x ltk follower... org nk jd follower blog akak!!!

  14. wahahaha !!
    i wanna meet dr sheikh too !!

  15. Sis Adibah... Good job. I watched 'tribute to Allahyarham Yasmin' during FFM... I cried n the way u deliver was fantastic. :)

  16. cool adibah i love you so much
    kak dibah... thats no word to discribe you...
    saya sayang kak yasmin... saya syg awk
    hope dpt jumpa awk lagi....

    i really miss her 'yasmin'

  17. I'm actually surprised that you would have such a dream. I thought only I would have weird dreams and wishes like that.

    Well, we're all human and I suppose its one of the best kind of moment one could ever wish for.

  18. kimi... imran ajmain and azan are very nice guys indeed. love their voice and their appeal.. heheh... actually, tam of spider pun meletop! hehehe

  19. cik chummie,... keyakinan diri memang tak akan berlaku sekelip mata. ia memakan masa dan pengalaman. dan selalunya akan terjadi apabila kita tahu kita sudah bersedia dengan segala ilmu di dada.

    menuntut ilmu dan yakin akan kemampuan sendiri mampu membangkitkan keyakinan.

    you should try it!

  20. fiza.... belajor ler.
    cuba baca kalam berbahasa inggeris selama 10minit tanpa henti setiap hari.
    baca tu pulak, baca kuat2, konon2 macam pembaca berita.


  21. najwa... follower tu bukan ke you sendiri yang letak? tah ler, akak pun nak reti mende2 nih.

  22. sayang... gi cari dia kat blog... mana tau ada fan club eehehe

  23. asna ashraff, thanks dear. it was the least i could do.

  24. araput... thank you for loving me. thank you for loving yasmin

  25. bc.... haiyaaaaa.... you think watttt! just becoz i'm a so-called celebrity, i am not same as you haaaa... eheheheh

  26. errr... you got me there, dear...

    magical, simply magical... hahahaha

    brandon ching

  27. helllo kak adibah....actually i gt something to discuss with u....related with ur singing jobs...i dun now how to get u through phone or ...but i really hope that u can email it to me ur respons...i could dare to posting my hp number here..i will reply..please response to me asap..please dear i love u so much... -

  28. kak dibah..thanks berusaha belajar setinggi langit....belajar melalui buku...dan mencipta banyak pengalaman..belajar dari pengalaman..lebih praktikal layaknya..macam akak yang punya banyak pengalaman..hingga terbentuk satu keyakinan yang teguh...i will sis...thanks...v(^_^)v...luv you..chox2!


  30. Salam... Salam Ramadhan akak... mega rezeki tahun ni diberkati Allah s.w.t.... dan bertambah rezeki di tahun berikutnya... Amin.....

  31. anonymous, you may reach me at

  32. cik chummie... itulah yang terbaik. hendak seribu daya dik ;)