Friday, March 7, 2008

Why Are We So Angry?

all the best to everyone voting tomorrow and i'm quite certain that ALL Malaysians will pray for a safe and peaceful election day.

much has been said about the possibility of chaos on that day. even my mom called me to come home on election day as she is worried about the worst. having gone through one world war and one sad state of emergency herself, i don't blame her if she is a little apprehensive of the whole situation.

i can't help but feel irritated by stories i read in the news.... tearing of posters, vandalising and destroying public property, throwing paints, fighting, slandering... even those in my residential area are no strangers to motorcycles speeding at the top of their exzos pipes shouting profanities and carrying flags of the parties they support.

makes me wonder though,..... do these people know what they're fighting for?

really..... what ARE they fighting for?

i mean, are we in such a severe state of oppression that we become advocates of hate, copycats of chaos similar to those portrayed on the electronic media?

i am not in favour of any political parties, or groups. in fact, in my career, i steer away from performing for events that are organised by political parties/organisations or those with political interest. that's just the way i am.

but picture this.... let's just say the opposition succeeds with the 2/3 majority.... what then?...

will we feel relieved that the "catalysts" of "change" are finally running the country.... ?

or will we tremble with anxiety knowing that the country's fate is now in the hands of the inexperienced?

GRANTED, we need our leaders to be more transparent in many a thousand things..... yeah, perhaps the alternative front SHOULD be given the opportunity.. ..

besides, you'll never really know what they're capable of UNTIL you give them the opportunity to run this country exactly how they have outlined in their manifest....

for all you know, they could prove to be worthy of our vote..


will we have the patience of FIVE whole years to wait for them to deliver their promises?

i vote for change, YES..... and i vote for PEACE..... and HARMONY....

but what some of our own people do, campaigning on behalf of their so-called leaders/parties - the governing party AND the opposition alike - is quite apalling.

i hope they get paid for it.


  1. hye kak dib!!!! kamu teristimewa!!! muuuaahh!!

  2. Hi Kak Adibah,

    I agree with you totally - although I am not a Msian, I too follow closely the development across the causeway. I feel sad that there is discontentment and unhappiness among the Malays and that they cant even get along with each other. I fear that Melayu akan hilang kedaulatannye and I pray that no more "penjajahan" in whatever form will ever happen again. Enuf where I am, Melayu di anak tiri kan totally and we have no voice to speak at all. We are second class citizens although it happens to look rozy and nice on the surface. I hope that history shall not repeat itself ever again. Take care.

  3. dear anonymous,
    thank you for your thoughts.
    like you, i can't help but feel sad seeing how divided the malays in my country are, and how gullible they are when they're awarded the role of frontliners puppeteered by those who have hidden racial agendas.
    i wish you and fellow malays across the causeway all the best things in life. :D

  4. Hi Adibah, we are of the same opinion - Malaysia needs a change. We've had enough of this YES SIRS when as a matter of fact, we think differently, right?

    Well, the results are out...and there we have it - 5 states fell into the hands of the oppositions. In a way, my prayers have been answered. At least now the arrogant political leaders can realise that LANGIT TAK SELALUNYA CERAH. The leaders we had before had this mindset that only they can lead the country and noone else. They fail to realise that the people have had enuf of them.

    Sikap Melayu yang dengki-mendengki kuat dalam diri they all. Even within the party pun bermusuhan. Daddy went thru I know. When it was announced that he won the state seat, it was the members of the opposition that came to congratulate him and laungkan ALLAHU AKBAR. His own party members just walked out of the hall. It was so typical Melayu man!!! And now I hear that some kekecohan is going on in that town...some people are just not happy that Mr. Kebal is no longer kebal. Goodness me!!! We need a CHANGE!!!

  5. dear razlin,
    thank you for your thoughts.

    yes it is quite sad that our fellow malays are a divided lot.

    come to think of it, apa lagi yang tak cukup kat selangor, kedah, perak, pulau pinang, that the people decided to go with the opposition.

    kalau nak diikutkan, semuanya dah ada, and all are heading towards better development.

    all these, under the previous management and administration of the barisan nasional.

    but, unfortunately, there are scores of malays who are taking advantage of their own kind. and these are the ones who are causing anger in our people.

    some of them are so much groped into the malay agenda that they forget, other people of other religions and ethnic backgrounds are living in this country.

    if only everyone understands the true meaning and concept of RESPECT.

    the world will be a whole lot better place.