Monday, March 10, 2008


Alhamdulillah, the worst is over.

Congratulations to all our MPs who were successful in their constituencies.

Like most Malaysians, I stayed up late following the announcements and results.

Some of the panels they invited in the forums were quite good and spot on.

The people are no longer afraid to speak. They (the panel) have openly discussed matters that were once swept under the carpet in a hush, on national TV, not just mere recordings on YouTube or other private avenues.

It's a wake up call for our leaders.

It's a wake up call for the lazy bumps.

The Malay Tuans are in a shaky disposition now.

The non malay generations have established themselves for such a long time here, and they were born and bred in Malaysia. The Malay Tuans can no longer call this land, only theirs. The Malay Tuans can no longer use our ancestors as an excuse to remain Tuans.

Let's buckle up and speed towards the true MALAYSIAN generation.


  1. yo darling! Welcome to the blogging world!!! Bloggers can change the world hehehee

    Yah kudos to Malaysians, democracy reign supreme ;-P

  2. alo neome!... thanks for dropping by muah!

  3. heyyaa....
    to cte la kak dibah...
    i like this pix...