Thursday, February 28, 2008

always the late bloomer

never thought i'd do this....



so many people talked about it,...

billions make use of it, and i thought... duh! i'll never be one of them!... hip lah konon! ada blog sendiri.... heheh

ate my words i did!... and it is kinda yummy...

saw and read a couple of beautiful blogs as i was searching for stuff for my road tour, and i am quite impressed with how much people can write, and some of them are damn good writers too! which made me arrive at one obvious conclusion..... EVERYONE is writer!... (if only i knew this when i was trying to teach english hehe)

ok, that aside... well here it is.... my very own blog.

created for me to just pen my thoughts every now and then, and perhaps try to do something good to the virtual society existing in a real society... (scratch!)

and in case you're wondering..... YES.... i am the REAL deal.... i AM that fat lady who is trying to survive in a fickle malaysian music industry... i AM the person in the picture (wait a minute, don't know how to do that yet... upload a pic...)....

allow me to find out how while you relax.... stay awhile and pen me sumthin good ;)


  1. welcome to the virtual world of blogging

  2. Welcome kak Adibah.... you'll love blogging especially when u got lot & lots of stories.. hehehe...

    do keep on posting....

  3. hello KAK!!!
    masih ingat pachin ke???
    thanks for coming to Kuala Kangsar for the iklan Merdeka shooting.

    kedtgan kak telah memberi ilham kpd musician wannabe tempatan nie utk membuat satu video clip ttg kuala kangsar.

    Kalau boleh, kami nak minta tlg kak spy dtp join dlm video clip n lagu kami.

    ini demo video clip kami:

    we need ur support.
    coz u r the only honest musician n producer in malaysia~

  4. hey darling!! Does my name sound familiar to you? I soooo miss you girl!!!

    Welcome to world of blogging, where u can just express your thoughts with no limit.

    I really enjoy reading people's blogs. It gives me ideas and lets me share the joy and grief of the writer. I do write blogs myself, but not in blogspot. Blogging is a way for me to cry, smile and laugh without being seen. Its a channel to express myself.

  5. thanks wanz... i am learning to enjoy this!

    pachin, i saw the video, quite interesting!

    razlin, yes of course i remember you. i was there when you had your first baby ;)

  6. (smile) that first baby is still my only baby. And he still has that white teddy you gave him ;D

    Keep in touch ya.

    Love you!!!

  7. i'm sorry...just want to ask u..camner nak deal dgn akak if i nak jemput utk join my program? can we discuss? it's about Woman Penang! huhuhu..before ni join program2 yg libatkan akak jer...really love it! now, my turn utk buat program nak akak jugakk..... do email me ok..? tq.. ;)

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